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Yarn Specialist Since 1906

Innovation and Tradition Create the Finest Wool and Synthetic Yarns

Lemieux Spinning, renowned worldwide, has been manufacturing wool and synthetic yarns since 1906, and are recognized for meeting the needs of different markets: commercial, industrial and crafts. For more than 100 years, our work has been guided by innovation, know-how and listening to the needs of our customers.

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  • Fils synthétiques et de coton destinés au secteur du nettoyage

    Synthetic and Cotton Yarns for the Cleaning Products Sector

    An important division of our company is synthetic and cotton yarns used in cleaning products, for items such as mops, are subject to frequent innovations in order to offer you the most efficient products on the market.

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  • Fils de laine et mélanges destinés au marché de la confection de tapis

    Wool Yarn and Blends for Use in the Carpet Industry

    Thanks to the know-how transmitted from generation to generation, we produce the best wool yarn for tufted and woven carpets and braided rugs and in the color of your choice.

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  • Fils de laine destinés au tricot et au tissage

    Wool Yarns for Knitting and Weaving

    Whether used for craft projects or for designing products on a commercial scale, our wool yarns for knitting and weaving are of superior quality.

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  • Fils industriels et techniques

    Industrial and Technical Yarns

    Our high performance industrial and technical yarns have a high quality level of performance particularly appreciated for high-efficiency filtration, custom-made cords, protective knits and more.

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NEW! Felted Wool Yarns

We are currently developing a unique felting process for wool yarns. We will soon be able to present you our new range of felted wool yarns

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